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Quantum HR Single Room Heat Recovery Unit 100

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Quantum HR Single Room Heat Recovery Unit 100 

Application: ideal solution in case of renovation. 

How it works: a continuous running decentralised heat recovery units (Quantum HR) transfer thermal energy from air extracted from indoor rooms to incoming fresh air. Two units can work synchronised with balanced air flows and top acoustic comfort. The system can also include a single flow decentralised unit (Quantum AX) mounted in the wet room. No air distribution system is needed.

Energy saving: the preheated supplied fresh air and continuous air changes reduce the demand for additional heating. Quantum HR and Quantum AX are equipped with EC brushless motors which significantly reduce the electricity consumption. 

Indoor Air Quality: a correctly specified mechanical ventilation system can ensure the quality of the indoor air is constantly maintained for the health and well-being of the occupants as well as of the building. Duly maintained filters on Quantum HR ensure that incoming air is suitably.

  • Maximum flow rate @ 0 Pa: 25 m3/hr
  • Air-flow at different speed: 25/15/10 m3/hr
  • Power consumption at different speed: 2.6/1.7/1.2 w
  • Sound pressure @ 3m* at different speed: 29/15/10 dB(A
  • Thermal efficiency: 70%/74.3%/82%
  • Electric power input @ maximum flow rate: 6w
  • Specific power input (SPI): w/m3/h 0.071
  • Degree of protection IP: X4
  • Marking: CE

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