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Soudafoam Window & Door SWS Airtight Expanding Foam - Box of 3

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Soudafoam Window & Door SWS Expanding Foam is a Flexible, Airtight Expanding Foam Filler manufactured to the highest quality. Part of the 'Soudal Window System', Soudafoam Window & Door SWS Expanding Foam is recommended for all A, A+ and A++ Rated windows and doors.

Soudafoam Window & Door SWS Expanding Foam is highly flexible once cured, based on FLEXIFOAM® Technology, which gives improved durability.

Soudafoam Gun Grade cans are fitted with DuraValve™, a unique valve system that improves the yield and performance of Soudafoam products over much longer time periods than standard valves.

 3 x 750ml Cans,