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220 x 90mm Ducting

Our 220 x 90mm flat channel plastic ventilation ducting is suitable for HRV Systems and Cooker Hood Extraction.  It has similar airflow to 150mm ducting

Internal Dimeter: 220 x 90mm 

Lengths Available:  1 metre 

We stock the following fittings for our 220 x 90mm megaduct:

  • 220 x 90mm Horizontal 90 degree bends
  • 220 x 90mm Horizontal 45 degree bends
  • 220 x 90mm joiners or couplers
  • 220 x 90mm  equal tees
  • 220 x 90mm to 150mm round connectors
  • 220 x 90mm Vertical 90 degree bends
  • 220 x 90mm 90 degree elbow bends to 150mm 
  • Duct reducer 220 x 90mm to 204 x 60mm

A suitable airtight tape, duct tape or ventilation mastic should be used to seal the 220 x 90mm megaduct joints.