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Heat Recovery Ventilation

Good ventilation is very important, but when the outside air temperature differs considerably from the indoor air temperature, ventilation results in a great deal of energy loss.


The principle behind a Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) system is to change the air continuously in your home and use the recovered heat to warm the incoming air.

 The key to HRV System is the heat exchanger. This enables and maximises the exchange of energy between the incoming and outgoing airflows before the energy dissipates in the atmosphere.


The heat exchanger in HRV units can be used for air temperatures between -30 and +50 ºC. The heat exchanger is constructed completely from polystyrene - from the foils to the casing. Only solvent-free elastic adhesives are used.

The triangular ducts in the heat exchanger are arranged so that each one is surrounded by parallel ducts in which the air is in counter flow. Each fresh-air duct is surrounded by three ducts filled with warmer exhaust air. Likewise, each duct with exhaust air is surrounded by three fresh-air ducts.






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