150mm Airtight Cooker hood damper kit

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Thermobox 150 duct Kit - 150mm Airtight Cooker hood damper kit.  Blower-Door certified.

Kit Includes: 

150mm Thermobox

1 x 500mm of 150mm duct

1 x 150 External Wall Grille(white, black or stainless steel )


· Up to 20 times less heat loss (compared to standard backflow traps)


· Efficient thermal insulation of the exhaust opening


· Heat insulating reflective layer


· Can be retrofitted in existing 150mm ducts


· Innovative opening and closing mechanism


· Blower-Door certified (required opening pressure >65 Pa)


· Magnetic opening and closing


· Defined opening pressure prevents rattling


· Opens fully even at low flow rates


· No vibrations, no rattling noises