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3 x rolls of Gerband Airtight Membrane

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3 x rolls of Gerband Airtight Membrane

Roll Size: 1.5metre x 50metre

  • The airtight membrane should be applied perpendicular to the direction of the application surface i.e. studs, rafters and joists.
  • The membrane should be fixed with staples every 150mm or double-sided tape.
  • Gerband 586 or a suitable grommet should be used for penetrations.
  • For bonding barrier overlaps, penetrations and repair spots, Gerband 586 or a similar tape is recommended
  • For connections to concrete or masonry Gerband FORTAX 6400 is recommended.
  • Ensure there is a 100mm overlap of the membranes and tape with Gerband 586 or another suitable tape.
  • Ensure the corner overlaps are completely sealed.