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80mm Flexible Ducting

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82mm flexible duct.

Length 10 metre

Our 82mm flexible duct is a fully flexible, light laminate duct with a steel spiral inserted between the different layers of the duct. This flexible duct consists of 3 Aluminium layers of 15 micron combined with 1 Polyester-layer of 6 micron.


  • Temperature range: From - 30 °C till + 250 °C 
  • Air velocity (max): 30 m/s 
  • Operating pressure: -188 up to + 2500 Pa
  • Centerline bend radius: 1 X diameter minimum 
  • Diameter range: 82 mm - 610 mm 
  • Fire resistance: Class A2 - s1, d0 according to EN 13501-1
  • As the product does not contain PVC no toxic vapours are released should fire occur.
  • Produced according EN 13180: Dia Class B, Thightness Class C, Sag<4°, Crushing strength 13-35kg compressed; 2.5kg uncompressed.