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Soudatight SP 1 KG Airtight Paint

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Sprayable liquid membrane

Soudatight SP GUN is the sprayable version of Soudatight LQ, only the fibers are left out for obvious reasons. Very low Emission (EC1 Plus according to GEV Emicode). This product allows for very easy, fast and economical application of an air- and vapour tight membrane on window to wall connections. Forms an elastic film after drying, changing from blue to black, and forming an ideal basis for paint or plaster.  

Soudatight SP GUN is applied with the Soudatight GUN connected to a compressor. Turn the especially developed nozzle to switch between a vertical to a horizontal application.

  • Colour: blue (black when dried)
  • Packaging: 1 kg tin
  • Ability to be plastered over: once dried, it can be painted and plastered over
  • Adhesion strength: very good adhesion on many porous substrates
  • Equivalent air layer thickness (Sd-value): 10,96 m